Category: Voice

  • Frederica von Stade

    Over the next two days, we will be hosting internationally acclaimed opera singer Frederica von Stade. Looking forward to it!

  • David J tracks two new songs

    I spent today recording a couple of songs for Mr. David J. of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets fame. This has been a lot of fun and very rewarding. I grew up on a steady diet of Bauhaus, Joy Division, Sisters Of Mercy and dozens of other similar bands. David’s voice transported me back to…

  • WFMU broadcast prep.

    Here is a great video shot by Billy Jam, DJ on WFMU, as we were sound checking before a live broadcast on April 30, 2010. The video really shows off the isolation and acoustics at Megasonic. It also provides a bit of a tour of the facility. Enjoy!

  • New pictures, more MP3s, $500 club special

    Thanks to Jim @  Prodigi graphics for the new photos. I’ve also uploaded the song “Leper” by Electric Sister. They are the newest band to take advantage of the “$500 Club” recording package. $500 gets you: one 8 hour tracking session, one 4 hour overdub and mix session and one 2-4 hour mix fix and…

  • Jukebox is growing

    I am trying to add 1 new track each week. check out the jukebox tab to listen. Jan 10, 2010 – we finished mixing the 12 track debut from Birds Of California. Herr Professor Doktor Brown gave me the OK to upload “Minute On The Dancefloor”. Enjoy!

  • LEVR and Folcrom

    Today I received a pair of JCF Audio LEVR line amps. These live on the stereo output of my folcrom 16×2 summing mixer used in most of the productions at Megasonic. The LEVR provides amplification and complements the folcrom perfectly. It was designed to be used with the Folcrom specifically. The resulting sound is wonderful.…